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Michael Chudzik, cHt, mNLP
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Hypnotherapy, Vision Coaching and Past Life Regression in Mount Shasta, California USA 
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Michael Chudzik

Vision Path Transformational Coaching

What if one change in perspective could change everything?

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What if the only thing missing...
 coming home to the vision of you that your heart knows about you
and bringing that out more in your life?

Michael Chudzik

Visioneering Coach
NLP Master Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist


Nature-Based Coaching
Sacred Ceremony
Rite of Passage

Past Life Regression Therapy

Huna Timeline Therapy
...Intuitively led.


We keep seeking - from one self-improvement experience to another - looking for peace, harmony and our True Selves, only to keep finding ourselves going back into the same places again; 

...and what if it boiled down to one thing: 

We've been trying to fix our minds
when they were never broken. 

What if what our minds have always been searching most for is that they were never meant to be the leader...but they were meant to follow our hearts?   


Inside of each of us, there is a vision of us that our hearts have always been holding for us. My mission is to help you reclaim that inner-voice and rediscover new trueness with life from a heart-soul perspective again ~ level by level, gaining a new trust with yourself and bringing that out more into your own life practice as an awakening soul and creator.

I work at the intersection of Spirit and Mind - pulling from a multitude of modalities and connecting intuitively with you to begin a new rite of passage in your life - a true transition to find the new vision, trust and freedom to create and enjoy life a lot more.

There's no better time to start on your own new Vision Path. All it takes is a simple message or phone call to me for a free personal discovery session.  Just scroll to the top or bottom of this page and click on "Schedule a Call" and let's talk.

Access the Vision

Intuitive spirit-guided visioneering to help you discover a new life perspective and freedom

The 3 Vision Path Coaching Levels

Discover, reconcile and heal with the past

Reconnect with your True Self and Life Vision

Merge onto your Creator Path

Get Unstuck Now
Gain Clarity With Life

Release what is getting in your way by helping you get to the heart of things that are stopping and holding you back. 
Achieve new perspective and gain lost trust in yourself. 

Access the Vision
Rite of Passage Coaching

What if the one thing that would change everything is reconnecting with your true voice and heart's inner vision? 

Transform your everyday life into your everyday life practice.

Create Your Legacy
Your Vision In the World

Empower your path through Vision Coaching: Visioneering, planning and guiding to align heart, mind and soul with the work that you came to discover and create in this life.


Mount Shasta, California  ~ South America and more.  

In the Wild and Nature Inspired.

Ready for deep work and a Spirit and Heart led change? 

Seeking Vision, Breakthroughs, Completions and New Beginnings; Healing through Reconnection with Your Heart ...


A Rite of Passage is a portal of life, of stepping from one stage to another while becoming realigned and in integrity with Spirit, your True Self and life.

Join us at our beautiful retreat home in Northern California for a life-changing personal or group guided intensive healing, clearing and vision.  1 to 7 day intensives offered with daily inner work, visioneering in nature, medicine wheel teachings, yoga and more.  Offered as well yearly in South & Central America, other locations, or brought to yours.  

Is it time for your own Rite-of-Passage? 

Connect with me and lets envision and create this important time for you.

Why Vision Coaching?

Clear vision is knowing where we stand and what we stand for. 

It's answering the desire that is churning up within us with discovering what it is calling us, having a clear destination and plan of where you are going and what it's going to take to get us there. 

The Book of Proverbs states, "Where there is no vision, the people perish" -

and yet in this modern day when we have so many options and choices, a lot of people are feeling lost or let down, only exploring dreams while never creating them.

There is a reason why so many of us lack for a vision and get stuck or waylaid from our creative path:
It's a simple case of loss of trust with ourselves. 

So many of us have experienced times when we trusted - and someone or something we trusted fell short for us and even feeling betrayed by them. So, we lost trust not only in them, we lost trust in trusting ourselves. 

This can be a very big reason why we get stuck and why we seldom follow our dreams, why we don't want to reach "too" high and even sabotage ourselves again and again. Such was the case for myself most of my life.

This is why I use a modality of tools in my coaching work - hypnotherapy, timeline healing, past life regression, Rites of Passage, deep inner-healing sessions and ceremony - to help you gain a new place and level of self-trust, self-love and self-honoring; and accessing the vision of your heart and working with soul-reintegration. 

Walking the Path of a Creator is a self-love journey and an infinite discovery process of who we are with ourselves and our relationship with All-That-Is.
Let's work together to help you 
move out of old beliefs and into lasting changes; renew your connection with the oneness of life; make good and claim back difficult times that have left you stuck in the past; visioneering with you to unearth your destiny and help you remove the roadblocks that have been getting in their way, developing a new life practice for becoming the divine creators that we are here for and meant to be - and most of all, my favorite: learning to love your own heart more.

It's time to talk about you

What is the vision of life that you would like to be creating?

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