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Nature-Based Coaching

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Mount Shasta, California

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Meet Michael

Certified NLP Master Life Coach since 2007

Wilderness Right of Passage Guide,

Personal, Business & Organization Vision Facilitator 

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What if one thing could change everything?

Rediscovering Your True Divine Nature

What if the only thing that your mind has ever been searching for and trying to tell you - is that

your mind was never meant to lead but to follow.

And to follow what? 
It's lost leader, your heart.  

The soul lives from the heart. And that is where your True Self and vision for being here have been waiting for you all along.

My work and personal offering to you is to help you reclaim the one thing that's been waiting...

Rediscovering that True Self still in you - the one who came to transform life by healing and honoring the path you've journeyed your whole lifetime to finally get to here and awakening to the true vision of you that you came here to be.

The Vision Path Mission Key Philosophy 

Access the VisionTM

Transformational Coaching That Meets at the Crossroads of Mind and Spirit

Your Vision

of Self Life


Develop & Master
The Presence of Your True Self 

Step Onto Your Path

Become Your Own Legacy

Discover Vision Path 5-Level Coaching with Michael

Exclusive personal and group coaching - live and online  
Imagine working with your own master life coach on a transformational journey from 3 months to a year, personally designed for what you want to see changed in your life ~ having more life abundance and freedom, restoring balance and a new inner-vision, honoring the life-journey that brought you here, getting in touch with yourself as a full Creator and unfolding the Legacy you came here to gift the world.

Plus, expand your inner work with exclusive in-the-wild coaching-member events at Mount Shasta and other locations: Live 1-3 day deep personal work, 4-day Right-of-Passage nature and the 7-day coaching member Vision Quest.

Rite of Passage
Mount Shasta, California

Individual and Small Group Intensive Vision Work

Mount Shasta, other locales and online.

Michael has been a vision quest and rite of passage guide, as well as ceremonial adjunct to South American, First American and other retreat leaders visiting Mount Shasta, Oregon Cascades and Arizona wilderness places since 2007.
As an individual, group or retreat leader inquiring - Michael can work with you starting well before your journey begins,  lead/support coaching during, and stay in follow-up with you well after your visits to our mountain.

Holding Plant

Individual Life Performance Sessions -

Athletics, business performance, changing internal stories and mind habits, self-trust, relationships - 

Working in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Sedona Method and Emotional Freedom Technique - tools I use and teach my clients, we can help you raise your performance, build better relationships, let go of self-sabotaging beliefs the have gotten in your way.

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Group Planting a Tree

Organization Group Vision & Planning -

Working with organizations, partnerships and startups to create cohesive vision, planning and positive action 


A business coach since 1998, my working with teams has produced numbers of multi-million dollar team projects by my focus to help you create your collective vision together, each member up to the "buy-in", and an exciting growth and achievement through vision planning.

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“20 years of therapy have never done what you did for me in only two sessions, Michael. You've given me a great gift.”  

Scott T. 
Molalla, OR

“I finally feel like I know myself in a way that I never have before.
Thanks, Michael!”

Neil G.
Portland, OR

“Three years later, and I am still taking in and integrating what I experienced in that one-day Right of Passage with you. It's a gift that keeps on giving”

Portland, Oregon

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