Reclaiming Self Trust, Emotional Freedom, Completion with the Past

Rediscover Your 

Hidden Wholeness

Being satisfied knowing who you are as your True Self

Access Your Heart Vision

Walking the path of the Conscious Creator 


Your Legacy 

Unfolding your own Myth for Generations to Come 

Access the Vision

From Unstuck to Reclaiming the Vision of You

Discovering the Vision of You that your heart already knows - Whole Life work to release emotions and judgements, regain self-trust, let go of the masks and meet the part of you that your heart has always been waiting to show you.


Creator - Visionary 

Walking the Path of the Creator

with a Heart-Centered Life-Practice

For Creatives and Visionaries no longer content to be feeling lost and like life is a treadmill - by stepping into a higher vision and life-practice that let's your embody love for who you are and everything you do in the world. .

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Be Your Legacy

Ready for Life Beyond Purpose

Your Work Touching Generations

For the Visionary Creator who has lived life's great Journey to really knowing that you are ready to discover, design, plan and launch your Epic Life Legacy Work that is going to make changes in the world. Mastermind level coaching for those ready to take action. 

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What if shifting the vision of who you are could start to change everything? 


Access the Vision is a Heart-Soul integration life change -

bringing back the True Self and in you through rediscovering the vision of you that you came into the world to be. It's about...

  • Making good with the past;

  • Healing roadblocks and self-doubts/self-judgments that have stopped you from having a life you love to live;

  • Learning the special ways that you are made and living in harmony and interconnectedness between yourself and the All-That-Is.

  • Stepping onto the Path of the Creator in a new way: through the miraculous alchemy of a heart-led relationship between yourself and your desires and life itself.

  • Rising to the next level of your life evolution through bringing forth the Legacy your soul came to give in this life.


The word Legacy means, "a gift given by an ancestor to future generations".

Access the Vision is about becoming a heart-led Creator, visioneering your soul's greatest desire into it's greatest life project.

What if one thing could change everything?


Trueness is a hidden wholeness. It's knowing yourself, being yourself, and being inside yourself all the time. And how do we get there?

By learning to live in our hearts.


What if the only thing needed to quiet our minds and heal our hearts is to realize that we've been trying to fix the mind when it was never really broken;  And all it has every been trying to tell us is that it was never meant to lead but to follow?

And to follow what? To follow our hearts.
Your heart is where the soul lives, the true essence if who you are.


From Unstuck to Discovering what has been getting in your way and holding you to the past ~ to understanding and stepping onto the path of the Creator ~ to bringing your Soul Legacy Work out into the world,

this is the ultimate Right-of-Passage that we are all meant to have.

The definition of Legacy is "a gift bestowed or a doorway opened by an ancestor for future generations."

Working at the Cross-Roads of Mind & Spirit

- Heart and Nature-Based Life Coaching
- Wilderness Rites of Passage

- Reiki Master for Intuitive Healing Sessions

- Transformational Vision & Journey Work

  • Visioneering

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Huna Timeline Healing

- Ceremonies of Letting Go & New Creation

- Medicine Wheel Teachings

- Commissioned Despacho Facilitator


Mount Shasta

Rite of Passage


5-Day Wilderness Intensives

Wilderness Rite-of-Passage - in the Mount Shasta and Shasta-Trinity National Forest, is intended for you if you are ready to do deep-level work on changing and releasing areas of your life, wanting to see the shift that a heart-led life can mean, stepping onto the path of a soul-conscious creator ready to live your legacy.

Each Rite of Passage is more than 4 or 5 days, because I have designed it with 15 years of coaching knowledge to know that life changes are a process and success is most guaranteed when you have support and accountability. That's why it begins with 1-full hour coaching session before the event and 4-full hour coaching sessions over 2 months after the event.

Each person is required to bring their own equipment and meals. I will give a lot of instruction on what to buy and how to pack.

Note: You must be capable of meeting the USFS minimum physical requirements to meet the physical demands of this event. Our phone booking interview will have more discussion.


Financial Exchange: 
4 day (3 nt) Rite of Passage + 5 coaching sessions... $1,800
5 day (4 nt) Rite of Passage + 5 coaching sessions... $2,200

Groups are limited to 6 people, so call and let's talk and reserve your place!



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Mount Shasta

Mountain Journey

Wilderness Guide

1/2 - 2-Days Groups & Private

My work with Mount Shasta for over 15 years has centered on it's wildness and beauty with it's core going into inner-earth and how the ancestors still speak to me and to us today. My medicine wheel teachings, vision circles and Despacho and Ho'ono'ono'pono Letting Go ceremonies are what was handed down and commissioned to me by Native medicine healers and teachers starting back at age 17.
Whether you join a group and come on the Mountain Sacred Places Journey - or you hire me as your personal shamanic healer and life guide - you will experience the One thing that can change everything message, which is that what our minds have always been looking for is it's lost leader (right inside of you): Your Heart. 


My public groups are limited to small enough groups that I can interact with all of you and offer words, prayers, and whatever I am intuitively guided to in our time together.

So call, let's talk and reserve your place!

Dates and Places

Unstuck from old times and places

The greatest things that hold us back or take us forward are: Lack of trust with ourselves and others, fear of what may happen, indecision because not knowing the right choice.
Many emotions ride on the tail of our need to control the outcome. 
Michael will work with you to identify what sabotages your decisions and actions with great tools for change. 


Refocusing your inner-world perspective 

Discovering and changing how you see yourself and see the world

Where we work together to discover how you see yourself and see the world, and start to unravel your sources of old beliefs, conditions, loss of trust, We begin with honoring you and the gifts of protection these conditions have been through the times they were meant to serve - and work together to release the old vision while bringing in and entirely new way to see.

Discovering, Honoring and Being Your True Self  

The success and joy you have in all forms of relationships is grounded in knowing and discover the truth of who you are and being at home inside your own True Self. 
As part of your coaching, you and Michael will look at your numerology, astrology, your past and present and what makes you love or desire one thing and not another, what are your resonant/repeating occurances and synchronicities, thoughts and dreams - that will provide a blueprint for us to see who you are and then start to integrate that truth about you into more heart-presence with yourself connected to Source through that evolving new vision. 
Here is where miraculous synchronicities of life, relationships, abundance, health begin to align more and more with you as you step into embracing the truth about you and being at home inside your own skin.

Master Creator Level - 

Throughout Vision Path Coaching, the interweaving of all of our work is directed at being able to have more connection with heart, success, freedom in life - and together developing the higher awareness of how to be the ultimate Creator that you are. Here is where we work to accept, surrender and improve upon what will bring your true self into harmony and action with you and Source - and developing greater confidence in your ability to walk all of your purpose forward more consciously and confidently.

Becoming Your Own Legacy -

Legacy is defined as a gift or doorway left behind by an ancestor for future generations. 

The interweaving of your True Self continues once you begin to recognize your purpose was all the time to discover your True Nature, we will begin to work together to develop the Path of the Creator that you have always wanted to have or improve upon, but more importantly being confident in your ability to walk it forward more lightly and confidently.



4 sessions, including:

1 - 2-hr Initial Consultation

3 - 1.5-hr  coaching sessions.

2 - 15 minute phone check-ins
---- = 7 Hours of personal coaching

Getting in the Foundation Level - 4 highly focused sessions working on the most important areas that you want to give attention to, plus the important deep-level inner-shifting sessions that get you in greater connection with your heart through deep work on being unstuck and greater forgiveness and self-acceptance . The important foundation levels now, as well as "to be continued" for further work.

10% discount on breakout sessions, like Past Life Regression Therapy, Timeline Therapy.

Includes lifetime invitation to coaching-member-only Vision Path retreats or events.



12 weekly sessions, including:

1 - 2-hr Initial consultation

11 - 1.5-hr coaching sessions.

6 - 15 minute phone check-ins
---- = 20 Hours of personal coaching

Foundation-to-Legacy Builder Level - The full depth and steps of your own true-self designed life-transformation coaching sessions, including discovering what walking the path of the Creator truly means as you implement it into your life, while you have your coach to reflect and support.


10% discount on breakout sessions, like Past Life Regression Therapy, Timeline Therapy.

Includes $150 off your first 3-day live group intensive or Right-of-Passage and lifetime invitation to coaching-member-only Vision Path retreats or events.



24 weekly sessions, including:

1 - 2-hr Initial consultation

23 - 1.5-hr coaching sessions 

mid-week 15 minute phone check-ins, as needed
---- = 36+ Hours of personal coaching


Foundation-to-Legacy Builder Level - Plus, Launch Your Vision in 6 Months - with helping you define and design your Legacy work, write your mission and plan your stages to actually begin to put it out in the world.

10% discount on breakout sessions, like Past Life Regression Therapy, Timeline Therapy.

Includes one free 3-day live group intensive or Right-of-Passage and lifetime invitation to coaching-member-only Vision Path retreats or events.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained....
Let's talk about creating a transformational coaching experience that fits right for you with the right work, timing and budget that fits right for you.

Message me below or call me
at (503)679-2165

Access the Vision - is a new coaching Rite of Passage for Creatives, Visionaries & those ready to start their Soul Legacy work... starting with seeing yourself and the world from a new vantage and new leader - from your heart.

Professional Disclaimer - Michael Chudzik is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is not a licensed doctor or mental health professional. Michael's coaching, spiritual and shamanic or "medicine" work through Vision Path Art's & Consulting is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service.

Federal Wilderness Guide Permit Civil Rights Disclosure - 
This business operates under special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, and reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information(e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.) should contact the responsible State or local Agency that administers the program or USDA’s TARGET Center...
(continued -- 
Please read this disclosure in the link HERE

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Trueness is an undivided Wholeness.

It's knowing yourself and being at home inside yourself all the time.

What if having the self-mastery to be the whole YOU out there in the world connected with love for life, for yourself and others, being the highest the most successful creative person that your soul came into the world to be - came down to just one thing: 
Shifting your life from being one of a mind journey to a heart journey?

Vision Path is coaching for Visionary Creatives, anyone feeling disconnected from their True Self who is ready to take the next evolutionary step in your journey.

The word Legacy means, "A gift left by an ancestor to future generations". The First Nation people of our land had a saying,

"Everything we do and say in life goes out to touching seven generations".
What Legacy has your soul come to Earth to create? 
Would you like to be more in connection with who you are to find out - and then live that Legacy life?   


Working at the Crossroads of Mind and Spirit,

I bring 20 years of intuitive visioneering work with Creatives

ready for the next Rite of Passage in their lives,

the greatest step of all:

Discovering your True Self,

Letting go of what has held you back,

and Creating the Legacy Life you came to into the world to give  

Are you ready to start yours?