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Transformational Vision Coaching

Connecting you with your true voice and heart's vision again

Vision Path Coaching begins back where we started -
RE-discovering our true nature and how we fit into something much greater than ourselves. 


Many of us are living life backwards, and that's why things get mixed up. We are following our minds when they were never meant to be the leader.  Love, harmony, emotion, vision and true choices all come from the heart.  The soul, our true self, resides in the heart. 

Working with you one-on-one in discovery sessions - we bring in guided visualization, hypnotherapy, past life regression, timeline healing, clearing ancestral ties, traditional teachings of the indigenous elders who taught me, and Rites of Passage - to help guide you in getting reconnected with your own voice and inner teacher; getting to the root of things , healing and stepping forward into a life you love to live.

Your life is a sacred journey that is uniquely yours, which is why I work with no two clients alike. 

I work compassionately and patiently with you through your own soul-and-Spirit guided experience - honoring and healing your own life experiences and the fences you have put up, what your thoughts and emotions are wanting to say - while doing ceremony and completion with them as a rite-of-passage.

Included in all private and group-guided coaching - are offerings to healing intensive opportunities in Mount Shasta, Sedona, AZ, Central and South America.

Offerings and Exchanges
Nature-Based Coaching - Offered online by video-conference, telephone,
and our retreat home in Mount Shasta, California 

New Beginning

Getting Unstuck, Healing, Letting Go

Finding your voice and speaking your truth again

Start a new Rite of Passage for yourself - with individual coaching and life-practice building. 

Feeling "Stuck" - limiting beliefs that no longer serve you - an old way or habit that you would like to finally release... we can work respectfully to let down the fences to protect yourself, restoring lost trust in yourself or your direction - building a new path by honoring the past and reuniting you with You: your true self.
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Access the Vision

Discover the vision of you that your heart already knows 

What if you could let your experiences of life help you discover the true person you came here to be?
Access the Vision is Soul-Awakening personal-transformation coaching - with visioneering, timeline-healing, rites of passage and mentorship - offered by online video or intensives at my retreat space in Mount Shasta, CA - that we design based on your true life, soul profile and experiences.  A oneness of mind, heart, soul & body to discover and know your true divine nature.
There is a new chapter of growth waiting for you to access.

Visioneer Level

Creating Your Legacy

Masterwork Level Coaching - Align with Purpose 

Ancient traditions tell us that everything we do in life goes out to and effects the world and universe for seven generations.  Create Your Legacy integrates visioneering with soul-awakened alignment, planning, and accountability with clearing the hurdles at every step.
A business development coach since 1999, I have integrated business practices with deep soul-work practices learned from indigenous teachers, NLP, past life regression and vision quests to offer you comprehensive Vision Path Master-Level Coaching and consulting.  
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Michael Chudzik, cHt, mNLP
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner

Hypnotherapy, Vision Coaching and Past Life Regression in Mount Shasta, California USA 
and by Skype

USA and International


Live by internet
Private Sessions Internationally
by Skype and Zoom
or Conference Call
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