Getting Unstuck

What if one thing could change everything?

Shifting the Vision -

Getting unstuck is a great challenge, and even more challenging alone.

What if the only thing that’s needed to quiet a noisy mind, heal a broken past, or move past your stuck places - is to find the vision of your true self that’s been inside of you all along - and start to live from the inside out.

Vision Path Coaching offers you a unique opportunity to work with an experienced guide, visioneer and coach to discover what holding you back and help you start moving forward again.

Vision Coaching Designed Around You -

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Getting Unstuck

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What's the Secret of Success for Anything to Change?
It's learning to love the heart of the one who is looking for change; 

and let that be the greatest thing that's changing.

The second secret is learning to make it into a life practice.  

Over a short series of coaching sessions, we move you past your mind’s protective locked doors and into the infinite, divine field of your heart, learning to hear and trust the voice of your Higher Self - and from there bringing awakening into a new life practice of living life authentically with Heart Presence - which is living from your heart and a greater presence of yourself in the world.

Oftentimes, what is keeping us feeling stuck and holding us back, is actually something that a part of ourselves put in place to protect our heart or body from fear, abuse, pain, or shame. In some coaching or spiritual modalities, they try to eradicate this “shadow” and diminish the ego.  In Vision Path coaching, these parts of ourselves are met with unconditional love and compassion, as well as great gratitude for the tremendous task they have done to love and protect us.


Part of this transformation that you and I will be doing, will be to “hold ceremony” these parts to their concerns and to recognize, celebrate, and help them feel complete with their mission; to give each one our sacred vow to love it just like all the rest of us; and to help it align with us when it is ready to move forward.

My service to you will be to help you find your voice and speak your truth again - to regain the trust that so many of us have lost with ourselves - and start to really enjoy loving life a lot more.


If any of this has been speaking personally to you, let’s talk and take a look together at what has you making the choices you have made and move forward – it's time for you to free your heart and Access Your Vision, to do what your soul is coming into the world to create.

What's included in the Coaching – and how much will I invest?
Each person is unique. Let's discuss your own interests and purpose for coaching, and define a program for you.


What if today was the day?  Where would you start?

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