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Michael Chudzik

Vision Path Transformational Coaching

Connecting you with your true voice and heart's vision again


What if one thing could change everything?

Michael Chudzik

Transformational Vision Coach
NLP Master Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Nature-Based Coaching
Sacred Ceremony
Rite of Passage

Past Life Regression Therapy

Huna Timeline Therapy
...Intuitively led.


What if the only thing missing is reawakening to the vision and trueness of you that your heart already knows you to be - and bringing that out more in your life?


What if the reason why our minds have kept looking in so many places for peace and harmony boils down to one thing: 
Our minds were never meant to be the leader but were meant to follow the soul.  Life is a soul journey and the soul lives from the heart.
My mission is to help you find that inner-voice, that part of you that's been calling you to discover the connection to heart and begin speaking your truth again.  


There is a reason why so many of us lack for a vision and get stuck or waylaid from our creative path.  It's a simple case of loss of trust with ourselves.  The next step takes a commitment to conscious healing and forgiveness within all the places where it feels like life fell short for us.

My work is to lead you through transformations that will help you regain that trust, reclaim your innocence and love - to rediscover the powerful, creative light of your soul: your own True Self again.

I have been guiding clients through life transformations for close to 20 years, helping them to:

  • move out of old beliefs and into lasting changes;

  • renew their connection with the oneness of life;

  • make good, heal, and claim back difficult times that have left them stuck in the past; 

  • visioneering with clients to unearth their destiny and helping them to remove the roadblocks that have been getting in their way, developing a new life practice for becoming the divine creators that we are meant to be.

I work at the intersection of Spirit and Mind - pulling from a multitude of modalities and connecting intuitively with you. Your life is a sacred journey that is is uniquely yours, which is why I work compassionately and patiently with you to create your own coaching and spirit-guided experience -  to help you restore and gain a new trust in yourself and then confidently live a life that you love to live.


Access the Vision

From making a fresh slate - to finding yourself and   - to creating your legacy and life's master vision,
Vision Path Coaching is intuitive spirit-guided visioneering to help you discover who you are, where you are, and the vision and freedom of where you want to go.

Get Unstuck Now
Gain Clarity With Life

Helping you get to the heart of things that are stopping and holding you back. 
Find new perspective and gain lost trust in yourself. Deep Coaching & Transformation.

Access the Vision
Rite of Passage Coaching

Soul emergence and life practice development, with rite-of-passage transformation coaching to discover your true voice and heart's inner vision. 

Create Your Legacy
Your Vision In the World

Discover and build the Legacy that you want to create in this life.  Empower your path through Vision Coaching: Visioneering, planning and guiding. 

Rites-of-Passage  - In the Wild and Nature-Inspired


Ceremony for New Beginnings, Passages, Completions

Soul Connection Intensives for accessing your heart's vision

Open a vision, honor a completion, make a transition, let go of ties - in home, office, or with a facilitated Vision Day into the magic of Mother Ghia, as we seek to find your path and voice to express your greater truth.

Individual and Small Group Facilitated  -- Visit our Offerings Page to learn more

Client's Words

"12 years of therapy haven't done what you were able to do for me in 3 sessions.  All my anxiety is gone and I'm happy.
Michael, you've given me a great gift."

- Scott in Portland

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Michael Chudzik, cHt, mNLP
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner

Hypnotherapy, Vision Coaching and Past Life Regression in Mount Shasta, California USA 
and by Skype

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