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The greatest gift we can give ourselves -

is having the peace and presence of knowing who we really are.

Clear your path

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Plant and nourish the garden

Sit back and love letting heaven and it's vision find you.

Offerings and Exchanges -

I work with clients by phone, Skype, and in person if you are near Portland, OR, or wish to travel to meet me.

Coaching Sessions Start - with an easy phone call or email 
to make an appointment.  

I screen prospective clients on the phone before we make an appointment, to see if we are a good fit for what you are desiring to accomplish.

The next step, is that I will ask you questions about what you want to explore in a session, or longer-term coaching, and learn more about your background, and answer all your questions.  

Initial Consultation  (after phone interview)
By phone, Skype, or in person (in Portland, OR)

A 2.5 hour appointment - For most clients desiring profound shifts and new vision.  We will deep dive into discovering what's both on and under the surface of your desires and hopes and map a course for successful new outcomes in your life.

Full Consultation and Hypno/NLP Session    - Exchange $225

Hypnosis, NLP, Personal Coaching
By phone, Skype, or in person (in Portland, OR)

Individual Session - 1.5 hour -  $120

Bi-Monthly - 2 Sessions - $225*

Monthly - 4 Sessions - $420*         (*prepaid)


Past Life Regression - Hypnosis Journey
A 2.5 hour individual PLR hynosis session of deep level encounter, entering into a past life to reveal details of another life and how that life pertains with your current life, characters in your life, and even reasons things in your life have been significant.  

Per Session - $225  // Session and prepaid 1-hr followup - $300

Timeline Therapy - Restoring time through Hawaiian Healing & NLP

Ho'oponopono - in Hawaiian, means "to restore and make all things good".
A certified practitioner in Timeline Therapy and Master of NLP, Michael leads you through a powerful and restoring ceremony back through your life, and even past lives, to help you "make good" around the moments of your life that have felt damaged, stolen, or hard to let go of.  To "make good" does not always mean to make amends or forgive, but to remove the dragon's teeth still imbedded in a part of our past that we are ready to recieve divine love for in order to reclaim.

Per Session - $225  // Session and prepaid 1-hr followup - $300

Guided Rite of Passage Day in Nature      Oregon / S. Washington

A full day of personal vision coaching, dedicated to a deep dive into your own personal ceremony time.
Vision Quest -
Guided by Michael to connect you with your higher soul-self and spiritual medicine guides.
Letting Go Ceremony - Guided by Michael to clear old self memories, grief, relationship and genrationsl completions, or other encounter you wish to honor.

Individual Journey - $600  /  2 Person Journey - $500 each  / 3 to 4 person Journey - $400 each

Relationship and Sexuality Coaching      Oregon / S. Washington

Personal Coaching with Hypnosis, NLP and Tantra - to help you claim more love, joy and freedom.
Sessions for individuals and couples - More dating confidence, opening up to sexual intimacy & enjoyment, orgasm, erectile dysfunction, addictions, releasing shame and guilt, sex-play for reviving intimacy.  
Tantric teaching in sacred sexuality - for deep level connection, touch, breathwork, giving and receiving, and much more. 

Individual 2-Hour - $160  /  Couple 2-Hr - $200 / Additional Hours - $80

Book your session now.  Call me at (503) 679-2165  (8am-6pm Pacific)
Or, just fill out the contact form on the right and I will write or call to set up our appointment time.

Thank you!  

Michael Chudzik, cHt, mNLP
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner

Hypnotherapy, Vision Coaching and Past Life Regression in Mount Shasta, California USA 
and by Skype

USA and International


Live by internet
Private Sessions Internationally
by Skype and Zoom
or Conference Call
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