Access the Vision
Advanced Personal Coaching

Discover the vision of you that your heart already knows

We are all born with the ability to be, to do and to have whatever we want in life. We are the architects of our destiny. Where we suffer and lose our vision and joy for life - is when we get separated from our hearts and forget how to trust ourselves or trust life.

Align with life and relationships to flow more freely

Accessing the Vision - Reclaiming Wholeness

Sometimes the best change is to start over with a new vision - changing what we see and believe about ourselves, awakening and becoming real - our true selves again.

Vision Path Coaching is a radical mind-to-heart shift 
to help you regain the undivided wholeness that you've always had since you came into the world.  

Together, we regain that vision - by honoring your true experience and feelings, finding completion, and doing ceremony with the memories, emotions and wisdom gained.  

Are you ready to infuse and expand your life with creativity, growth, and healing?

Potent Tools for Changing Any Situation - 

Shifting Old Patterns of Thinking & Beliefs

Hypnosis and NLP


Connecting the Past for Change in the Present

Past Life Regression

Timeline Therapy

Ancestral Ties Completed


True to Yourself - to Your Vision
Advanced Personal Coaching

Nature-Inspired Vision Intensives

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Rites of Passage

A coaching plan tailored to you.
From one month to a full year,
Even preparing you for Rites of Passage and Vision Quests 

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Michael Chudzik, cHt, mNLP
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner

Hypnotherapy, Vision Coaching and Past Life Regression in Mount Shasta, California USA 
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