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Michael Chudzik

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NLP Master Coach - Teacher - Medicine Journey  

The essence of the human soul cannot be separated from the wildness of nature.
That is why the most effective path to soul is one that is nature based.
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We are all destined for at least one common moment.
One is when everything we know and believe is becomes nothing to us but simple dust, compared to a vision of what life really is that we are standing too close to see.

It's at that moment that we have a choice:
Go back to "the way it is", or go forward and discover all that we are and are meant to become, even if it has to cost us our life in order to find it - a complete stepping off into the Void of unknowing and uncertainty, with no guarantees of ever coming back.
And in that moment that a new destiny begins - a Rite-of-Passage into surrendering all we know in order to get intimately closer to one thing - learning what real eternity is and what we will have to leave behind in order to discover what our place is within it, what our true design and purpose really is and the Legacy we came to give in this lifetime.

Wilderness Rite of Passage
led by US Forest Service licensed Wilderness Guide

4 - 5 Day Rite-of-Passage

Soul Intensives

Half to 2 Day Sacred Places
Guided Personal Journeys

1/2 Day Sacred Places
Healing Journeys 

for Visiting Retreat Leaders


Rite of Passage Wilderness Intensives


4 to 5 Day Wilderness Outback Backpacking for Creatives, Visionaries and those seeking a new foundation of knowing themselves in the world.

2022 Summer Rite-of-Passage Dates in Shasta-Trinity National Forest

June 24-27 - Pacific Crest Trail
High lakes and majestic mountain views. - Intermediate to high endurance level.

4 days.

July 14-18 - Mount Shasta - Base Camp/Day Backpacking - Milder to intermediate physical endurance level. 5 days.

August 11-15 - Pacific Crest Trail
McCloud River - Deep Forest Intensive.
Beautiful river and big tree scenery. Semi-Intermediate endurance level.

5 days.

Sept  - Mount Shasta - Base Camp/Day Backpacking - Milder to intermediate physical endurance level. 5 days.

Integrated into a 2- month transformational coaching process to bring about valuable change in your life. With each member getting highly personal coaching before and after your Rite-of-Passage to get the maximum benefit out of your commitment and investment.

This is Heart-Soul, True-Self Integration work devoted to you finding the Vision of You that Your Heart already knows and going back home: closer heart-connection with yourself, your loved ones in the world and old parts of your life free from holding you back by the work we do together in a deep, intensive connection with the living soul of the wildness of nature.

This Rite of Passage is integrated into a 2- month transformational change process  including a full coaching call before the event, 4 to 5 days in the wilderness, plus a 2-month/4-coaching session follow-up to support you.

For Individuals, Couples & Teams, as well as established Vision Path Coaching Clients.

Limited to 6 people per Rite-of-Passage
Must be 18+ years old and physically ready to carry 30+ pounds of your own equipment, hike minimum 5 miles/day over primitive trail terrain.


4 Day Rite-of-Passage: $1,700 / 5 Day Rite of Passage: $12,00
- Including 1-personal coaching session, and 4-personal follow-up coaching sessions. 

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Sacred Places Wilderness Journeys

for Short-Stay Explorers 

1/2 Day to 2 Day Mountain and Wilderness Connection Opportunities,

Make it your own Personal or Join a Scheduled Group

2022 Summer Rite-of-Passage Dates in Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Under construction today!  Inquire today and let's set up a time for you!

Rates are based on $444 per 4-hour time periods - Book up to to 2 days 

Sacred-Places Connections, Inner-Work, Vision & Prayer, Wisdom Teachings, Heart-Medicine Circles, Releasing & Vision Ceremonies*, Nature & Intuitive Somatic Healing, Trust & Self-Image Recovery, Despacho

Guided Group Wilderness Journeys are 1/2 day or full day - open to join.

Personal & Private Group Journeys can run from 1/2 day to 2 days and suited to supporting your desire & best results.

Private and Small Groups - by reservation

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 Michael Chudzik heard his first call to Mount Shasta for a solo 7-day vision quest in a deep January winter, 2009.

A visionary shift was taking place in his life - and at that time, a veteran of the vision quest through Native teachers, lifelong wilderness trekker, 30-day wilderness survival trained, NLP Master Coach and psychic hypnotherapist - he knew there was no saying "No", regardless of the time of year it was if this was what the Void wanted to keep the shift going,

From that time and the past 15 years, Michael has had a strong and loving heart-connection with Mount Shasta and the spirits of the ancestors who lived here for over 5,000 years, as well as good friends today with many members of the 5 Nations of the who are the ancestor's and the Mountain's First People.

Nature-Based Coaching and Rite-of-Passage are to Michael the most important path of bringing human beings home the the remembrance that we are first of all ancient souls meant to come to Earth and share our gifts to the expansion of the great Creation.

Michael has been a vision-quest and rite-of-passage guide, as well as ceremonial adjunct to South American, First American and other retreat leaders visiting Mount Shasta, Oregon Cascades and Arizona wilderness places since 2007.

  • Shasta-Trinity National Forest Permitted Outfitter & Guide

  • Wilderness First Responder 

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USDA Guide Permit Disclosure -

This business operates under special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies.... Continued... click here, please

* Please Note - Out of respect for our Mount Shasta First People...

I do not hold Ceremonies in my professional or commercial involvement on Mount Shasta. Our local First People have requested that these practices be stopped and because of that, I have other locations where I hold them. 

Professional Disclaimer - Michael Chudzik is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is not a licensed doctor or mental health professional. Michael's coaching, spiritual and shamanic or "medicine" work through Vision Path Art's & Consulting is not offered as a substitute for health care with a licensed physician or mental health provider, but as a complementary service.

Federal Wilderness Guide Permit Civil Rights Disclosure - 
This business operates under special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, and reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information(e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.) should contact the responsible State or local Agency that administers the program or USDA’s TARGET Center...
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