Past Life Regression Therapy

Finding Deeper Answers to Ourselves

There is a purpose and continuity to our life and our soul's long journey - and what if we could become active participants, integrating the parts of ourselves to live as one conscious whole being living a "soul life"?

Past Life Regression can help you find your way through many of your own life's deep questions:

- Unexplainable feelings, behaviors, or stuckness
- Health issues, sexuality
- Conflicts with making choices
- Relationships and Soul Contracts

- Feeling strongly drawn to actions, places, people

Accessing the Mystery -

Some things feel like they are "us" and other things "not us", but they keep repeating in our lives. Almost as if the universe has a message for us, or is wanting us to learn something or do something. Or, perhaps we keep wondering if we did something that we deserve some karmic result for.

And, my personal favorites for doing PLR?  Meeting and understanding more of myself in this life as my soul, my higher self - where I've been and experienced, and what it's like between lives.

There is a reality and purpose of continuity of soul consciousness and a tool that can allow us to gain a 'bird's eye view' of our past lives.

Past Life Soul Regression offers you with a means to understand and release past life emotional, physical, and spiritual energy still being held, which is no longer useful for us.

Many elements of past lives that we encounter are NOT difficult. Oftentimes, the client accesses details of past lives that ‘shine a light’ on who we are today providing greater clarity for the NOW.

When our soul is new, or we could say when our soul is spun out of the Tao, we begin our journey from one lifetime to the next in order to gain wisdom as a soul. As we step through lives of varied experience we are learning as though we are sitting in an actual 'classroom' gaining knowledge and awareness as we step through, or slog through, each element of our daily living.

At times, life can be fairly simple. You make a choice to do something and it goes perfectly. Another time, you decide for something different and everything seems to go completely wrong.

 Each and every element of our life serves a purpose, even though you may not be able to determine the ‘why’ at this time. If we can simply trust there is usefulness in the experiences we step into, life will become smoother, and less cumbersome, for us.


What are the life questions and answers you're searching most for?

How credible is PLR?
Past Life Regression has been in practice by thousands of therapists, hypnotists and consultants throughout the world for well over 20 years, There are more than a dozen books published that chronicle thousands of cases of complex life experiences.  In my PLR instructor, Dr Linda Backman's book, “Bringing Your Soul to Light”, are dozens of accounts of clients gaining a distinct understanding of their soul’s purpose and progress gained by virtue of current and past life components.

What happens in a PLR session?
It takes about 2 to 3 hours, including initial talk and debriefing after.
We can do the session in-office, by phone, or by Skype.
I start the PLR time by taking you into a slow, deep, hypnotic state where things start to become very visual and dreamlike, although the whole time, you are in full control and know where you are.
I ask you questions that guide you through your inner world, you see yourself entering a door and into another life, experience the important parts of that life – the places, people, events, and your death-scene there.  You then see your passing over, and going into the in-between lives world.

In many cases, people meet their higher self and guides in the between world that have been with you through this life and many past lives.

It's never anything less than a profound experience for myself or my clients, finding answers to things we were looking for, as well as unexpectedly learning things that have shifted our perspective of life for many things going forward.

Normally, the greatest takeaway is having a new sense of self, and greater ease and joy in your life.
To make an appointment just follow the steps below.

Are you interested and ready to take a trip back down Infinity Lane?

Bring your most important life questions, and be ready to be open, because you never know what you will learn.


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Your best way to get the most out of your past-life discovery.


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