Find a vision, honor a completion,

begin a transition.

Guided and nature-inspired, deep healing times
whether in a private office or online session, or a facilitated Vision Day into the magic of Mother Nature, as we seek to find your path and voice to express your greater truth.


"Nature can bring you to stillness.

That is its gift to you.

When you perceive and join with nature in the field of stillness, that field becomes permeated with your awareness.

That is your gift to nature.

Through you nature becomes aware of itself.

Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years."    - Ekhart Tolle

Rites of Passage - Individual and Small Group Facilitated
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Turn Transformation into a Rite-of-Passage


A Nature-Based, Soul-Intensive Journey that begins where you are and takes you to the deepest levels of yourself completing step-by-step as we work together.

  • Seeing transition into a graduation of life. 

  • Ceremonies for healing, forgiveness, letting go. 

  • Finding the vision that awaits inside of you.

  • Soul-level work to shift into new life practices.

Spirit and Heart led ceremony - 

As part of the coaching work with you, we can begin online with deep-level intensive teaching work created by personal interview and seeing the changes that you would like to see.

Two Options: 

Join Us in Mount Shasta, California at our home base surrounded by nature - 

Personal or Small Group 1/2-day, 1, 3 and  5-Day Intensives.
With visioneering in nature, Dispacho Ceremony, medicine wheel teachings, personal yoga instruction, Watsu Pool Therapy and more. 

2. Or online with you where you are - Working with you by web-cam in your own sacred nature location and a Spirit-Quantum connection with you.

The Power of Ceremony ~ Inviting In the Sacred 

To access the vision of our deeper places of our souls, and honor the value the stories, is to honor and value the sacredness of ourselves and the sacredness of the ground upon which we walk.

As the ancients have taught in many cultures, life has sacredness because the heart and soul of a person is part of the one great heart and soul.  All life is connected.  All life breathes together.

We, in the western world have lost a great part of ourselves through the design of our culture forgetting that we are souls here to experience life, rather than minds here to control life.

I have had the good fortune to have walked between worlds with native elders and teachers, gifted shamans, and taken a number of vision quests. My name given me by the spiritual grandfather of the Pacific Northwest native tribe, the Cowlitz, is "Loves Nature" and I started going out into nature and having dreams and visions from the age of 5, connecting with the world that speaks from spirit.

What is a Right of Passage?
A right of passage is a ceremonial recognition of major transition, a crossing over from one stage of life to the next.  I have facilitated rites of passages with vision quests, seeking business and career visions, individuals reaching a certain age and stage of life, death ceremonies, ending of relationship, selling of a house, closing businesses and moving on, and more.


Why Are We Drawn to Ceremony?
Our souls are ancient, as well as our ancestral lineages are rooted deeply into connection with Mother Earth, our heritages, and the hunger we feel for being a part of the All That Is. Ceremony, the altar of connection and surrender, is a tribute to the part of us that recognizes that we are only a part of the great play of life.


Accessing Your Higher Vision - What if the only thing needed to quiet our minds and heal our hearts, is to recognize that our minds are seeking the guidance and leadership of a higher part of ourselves?  Working together, we move into the soft spirit of our egoless spirit nature, and connect with your inner guide.

Honoring and Completions - big times and changes of your life.  Working with you, we give the times and passages of your life a voice and place to be heard, seen and loved, and then help them complete their journey through ceremony, and transforming their power into your living legacy agreements – and forward into the world.

personally facilitated 

Vision Quests

Inner Transformations

Creative Vision

Life Transitions

Life Path Decisions

Completion of Life Stages

Healing Relationships

Grief from - Death, Breakups 

Timeline Healing

Ancestral Clearings

Letting Go Ceremonies 

What needs completion or transition in your life?
Rites of Passage is about finding your voice and speaking your truth again.
What needs clarity, completion or transition in your life?  Let's talk.
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