Michael Chudzik
The Vision Path Mission

Working With You at the Crossroads of Mind and Spirit

The last thing that will happen in Heaven, right before you come to Earth to be born - an angel will put their finger on the cleft of your lip and say,
"Forget everything you know" and then send you on your way.

- African Proverb 


Helping You Be the Vision of Your True Self
~ Vision Path's Mission

Along with Rights-of-Passage and NLP work, why I enjoy working in Past Life Regression Therapy stems from one of the most profound moments of my life that has remained present daily with me since age 5, when one night I experienced the vivid memory of the tragic death of a young Native American and even as a small child in a 1950's Catholic family never having heard of reincarnation, I knew in an instant and told myself out loud that this was how I died in a past life. To this day, as a studier of dreams and Past Life Regression Therapist, I know this was no dream but a vivid memory.
For my whole life, I wondered and asked both myself and Spirit why I had that dream, what was it's purpose?

Yet now, here I am providing people with the profound idea that shifting our lives from a "mind-based" focus of life to a "heart-based" one is what brings us into greater awareness of ourselves as souls who have great wisdom and experiences of other lives.

We are the one and same soul that has traversed time and perhaps even across the Universe in quest of our learning and evolution, and not just our own evolution, but as we experience all that we do in a life - it becomes also the experience of all humanity and God/Great Creator as well.

I believe that this is why we are "made" to begin with:
We are the human experience of God while it is creating it's experience of everything.

That makes you, me and all of us along with All-Our-Relations to life, very special!


My desire is to work with you and others to be able to come to that recognition, and by shifting your point of view from being strictly a "Mind-Thinking Being" living and caught in the matrix that entraps the rest of the Mind-world - to a "Heart-Conscious Being", living from where your soul lives and finally integrating again to be the true, authentic soul - your own True Divine Self - who you came into the world expecting to rediscover it.

It's from here that everything changes!

Coaching & Consulting Since 1998 ~

1998 ~ Founded Creative Imaging - Seattle, WA
Business startup planning, branding and marketing consultant in the real estate, mortgage and construction industry. 

2001-2005 ~ Co-Director/Consultant 
Log Hogan Housing Program Navajo Nation, AZ
Construction and program development of a $2.5-million log home factory investment partnership with the Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona University,  Grand Canyon Trust, others.

2007 ~ Founded Vision Path Coaching - Portland, OR
Helping individuals and organizations create meaningful, positive and lasting vision and changes in their personal lives, relationships and teams and bringing their Soul Legacy work into the world.

Coaching Training & Credentials - 

2007 - Certified NLP Master Practitioner
300 clock hours, graduated under Richard Bandler, founder of Neurolinguistic Programming through Bennett-Stellar University.

2007 - Certified Clincal Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
Bennett-Stellar University

2007 - Reiki Master Certification
Bennett-Stellar University

2009 - Certified EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Taught by EFT original developer psychologist Gary Craig

2010 - Certified Practitioner - Psych-K Levels 1 and 2

2014-2017 - Access Consciousness - Bars Facilitator to Master Level

2017 - Past Life Regression Therapy - Certification Level
Taught by Linda Backman - former director of Michael Newton Institute 

2018-present -  Tantra Counselor - Certification Level in Maha Mudra Tantra
Taught by Shawn Roop - Tantra Quest School, California

A Little of My Story ~

As a visioneer/self-starter all my life and having to find my own way from the time I was a child growing up feeling lost within a big family, I had to find ways to support myself and so I began my career as an self-employed entrepreneur at age 12 and have made my own way ever since.

That is why I know exactly what it feels like to get myself unstuck, overcome fear and self-doubt, recover from failures, heal after relationship endings while taking the lessons of each one with me in order to make the next one better, lose 50 pounds, and even keep running a challenging business going during a long bout with depression. The real magic came when I finally learned how to surrender and give myself the love and healing I was always searching for.  

That's why I am passionate about what I do. I'm just like the people I have a heart for serving. 

I have a always had great respect for science and psychology, while being astounded more and more with the infinite depths of Oneness with the Great Mystery - and continually learning how to open my heart more in profound new ways through meditation, Native American teachers, vision quests, and life.

How I became involved in Nature-Based Coaching and Native American Cosmology

I have been fortunate to walk between worlds between the westernized world and Native American world, communities and culture for a great part of my life.

It began at age 5, I woke up with a terrifying vision of what I could only describe as a significant recall of a past life death event as a Native American, knowing that death was mine.  That same year, I also had great depression and cried constantly, thus creating an fearful and unsafe time with my mother threatening numerous times to abandon me, telling me I wasn't wanted and would send me away to an awful detention place if I didn't stop crying. I did the only thing I could do, since she didn't have time to pay attention to me, I went up into the mountain forest behind our country home and walked there for hours, finding that the woods and waterfalls there brought me the peace and solace I needed to calm my depression so I would not be abandoned by my family.

From that time, nature has been my true home - my non-judgmental and loving friend, teacher, soul-medicine and sanctuary.

Then, when old enough, my mother started to tell me stories about her love of growing up with her step-grandfather who was a Blackfeet sub-chief and her memory and pictures of him had great impact on how I saw Native Americans: as my family.

In my senior year of high school, 1971, I read "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" and stopped to cry several times and apologize in my soul to the Native Americans, then saw the movie "Little Big Man", starring Chief Dan George who I fell in love with his voicw and his wisdom - only weeks later to be chosen by a teacher to join 50 other USA high-school delegates for a United Nations Conference on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - where I found myself sitting at the feet of my new heroic figure, Chief Dan George for an entire week, learning the most important thigs that he could tell an 18-year old about the ways of life and Spirit.

In 2000, by simply being ready to leave my six-figure real estate consulting career, IF I could to work on a reservation, out of the blue a real estate client asked if I could help him develop a tie with the Navajo Nation, where it turned out I was invited to work for 5 years on the Navajo Nation to help them create a $2.5-million log home revival project of their sacred octagon homes, the "hogan". It was there that I came into contact with the Native American Church, plus going numerous times alone praying in remote Anasazi ruins far out in nature - a major spiritual turning point happened to me. I stepped into what I call my 7-year personal Rite-of-Passage where everything in my life disappeared including my "old self" and learned what it means to become a hollow bone, as the People put it.

In that 7-year Rite-of-Passage, I learned from, vision-quested with and worked with many Native American teachers, medicine men and elders - and right as I felt it was time that I serve by becoming a "nature-based" coach and rite-of-passage guide in 2007, I attended a sweat lodge ceremony in Washington state, where after the sweat I coincidentally was called up for a naming by medicine man Roy Wilson of the Cowlitz People, where he gave me the name, "Loves Nature". Roy became my fifth native teacher of the Medicine Wheel, which I use and teach in my primary coaching work.

In 2009, I was taught the Despacho ceremony by two Peruvian priest of the Andes who then commissioned me to use the ceremony in my work.

This is why today, my own cosmology is highly influenced and adapted from the many teachers who have given me their blessing to use what they taught me and I do so with great respect, honor and gratitude.