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Access the Vision

Discovering the Vision of You that Your Heart Already Knows

A Heart-Centered Self-Remembrance Course for Creatives and Visionaries

What if one thing could change everything?

Remembering Yourself as the Creative Soul you came into the world to be...

In Wholeness as Your True Self,

Walking your Path as a Heart-Conscious Creator

Bringing out the Legacy Work you came into the world to give.

How? By coming home to the conscious awareness of how you see and talk to yourself and the world - and choosing a new and better way to see by choosing a different place to see from: of being inside yourself and living from your heart.

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Heart Path Creator

Your Legacy

Nature-Based Coaching

& Ceremony

Access the Vision Is a step-by-step whole life and vision transformation program

Incorporating online work together, Nature-Based Coaching and Rite-of-Passage Wilderness Intensives for deep inner-work


Remembering Who We Are, Reconciling the Past & Restoring Self-Trust

Discover what it is  to live a heart-led life. To have made good with the past through honoring your life story, experiences and healing the scars that have led to a loss of creative vision, broken relationships - as well as that lack of self-trust that leads us to self-sabotage, life out of control, powerlessness and feeling stuck. Replacing it with peace with your heart, soul, mind and ego in a new life practice that meets each moment in new ways.  An 8-week Rite-of-Passage of coming home to the vision of you that has been waiting for you to discover and step onto your path.

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Living in That Certain Way - Knowing Your True Nature as a Heart-Led Creator 

8 weeks of in-depth visioneering, exploring your soul's blueprint through numerology, birth chart and love languages - discovering our partnership with the alchemy of life and living in our greatest potential, walking in balance, contentment and love on the fine line of desire and surrender. Find yourself living in synchronicity with life & letting miracles happen.

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Unfolding Your Legacy - the gift you came into the world to give.

Legacy: "a gift or doorway of change left by an ancestor to future generations". The first people of Turtle Island had a saying that "everything we do in life and everything we say goes out to seven generations". What if it could be as simple as starting with loving your own heart more and healing the generational line of your ancestry, culture or community? For others, it's being at the crossroads of change and knowing you are ready to move forward on a significant project your soul has been calling you for a very long time, or that you are ready to be a world changer and simply haven't found the vision for it yet?  

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Working at the Crossroads of Mind and Spirit, bringing an empathic and intuitive coaching style with 20 years of experience - combining ancient indigenous wisdom teachings given to Michael by First Nation teachers, Eco-Therapy and nature integration into our work together with modern tools of NLP, hypnosis, past life regression, and timeline healing - to help you bring about not just a change in your life but a new operation and life style of living as a Soul Creator and the successful Visioneer you were always meant to be.  

Each Section of the Access the Vision program is 8-weeks, set up in succession with the intention to build a new foundation of change in your life, new self-confidence, vision and freedom - crossing milestones that help you get ready for the next level.

What is included in each 8-week section: 

  • Weekly Online Video Sessions

  • Coaching with NLP, hypnotherapy, visioneering, healing roadblocks and self-limitations, ancient wisdom teachings, journaling.

  • Soul Blueprint charting and readings with Michael's chosen top professionals in astrology, numerology, Enneagram (in Level 2)

  • Plus, if you are ready for deep, intensive inner-work - join Michael at Mount Shasta, California for a personal Rite-of-Passage Wilderness intensives - or one of Michael's small group events.  

Your Vision is Calling.

Are you ready to answer?

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